Instrumental Rock, with elements of Cinematic Sound Design, Glithcy Electro and World Music.


Blue Alatar are an instrumental, studio-based cinematic rock band from Cambridge, UK. The project is led by guitarist-composer, Liam Taylor, and features collaborations from Si Pettit, (Subterrenean Popular), and a variety of experimental sounds and textures.

The band’s rock influences come from Whitesnake and Black Stone Cherry; Ozric Tentacles are responsible for the various synth textures and arpeggio patches; whilst electro and glitch elements are inspired by Victory Pill and Jojo Mayer; the big percussion, orchestral elements and sound designs are inspired by cinema composers Hans Zimmer and Bear McCreary.

The band’s first album, Irradiated Hamster Alert, is coming out September 8th 2018. You can listen to the first single, Rise of Pandapoppolisover here and the second single, Eesabigguntho, over here.

professor-elemental-optimised“(Irradiated Hamster Alert is) as heavy and urgent as a giant robotic panda with an evil genius at the controls”

– Professor Elemental (Jun 28, 2018)


SPlogo.jpg“Based on Rise of Pandapoppolis, we are excited to hear the album in full… an exhillirating blend of genres with creative sound design and flashy guitar-work”

– Stabbed Panda (July 24, 2018)


Single #1 – Rise of Pandapoppolis

Download from SoundCloud, BandCamp or Newgrounds.

Single #2 – Eesabigguntho

Download from SoundCloud, BandCamp or Newgrounds.

Reviews & Press

Single #1, Rise of Pandapoppolis, was revealed along with the album on June 22nd and was quickly picked-up by Cambridge 105’s Smelly Flowerpot and put on rotation on Norwich’s Future Radio.

Single #2, Eesabigguntho, was released on July 27th along with a remix by Theo Sayers.

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